Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Disaster Relief - Illustration Friday

Disaster Relief was last week's Illustration Friday topic. I couldn't finish my piece on time because I was on vacation. The night after I saw the topic posted, this image came to me in a dream (well, nightmare, actually), so I felt compelled to get it down on paper.

I think of the tsunami whenever I see water now. I give my daughter extra hugs at bathtime, thinking of all the little children who were swept away, and worse, of the ones whose parents were swept away. I remember reading in November about how the latest vintage-styled Red Cross T-shirt has become a fashion statement - apparently, Julianne Moore was wearing it on a walk with her child. I guess those were the influences showing up in my dream.

Here's the pencil sketch I started out with for this illustration:

I used to live in Chennai a long time ago, and my girl scout troop used to meet on the beach at 8am on Sundays. We would have been washed away if this earthquake had happened two decades ago - and that's not a very long time on a geological timeline. I keep wondering if the troop still exists (existed?). I don't really want to find out, though ...
I like how personal this illustration is, and that it came to you in a dream. Well done.
"geological timeline" wow...that brought things into perspective huh? How personal...
Thanks, Leontine and KristenAnne. I appreciate the comments!
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