Thursday, January 13, 2005


Balance - Illustration Friday

I discarded all the initial ideas that came to mind when I saw this week's Illustration Friday topic - a tower of animals and acrobats, a tight-rope walker, and so on. Then I thought of the flamingoes we saw on vacation last week, balancing on one foot very comfortably. Added a toddler trying to imitate the flamingo - on a beach - at sunset. Many balances in the image now: human and bird, land and sea, day and night.

Here's the pencil sketch I started with for this illustration:

cute idea. I love the expression of the girl, who seems highly concentrated to me, and therefore completly balanced.

Unique idea. Very nicely done.

E Nolan

I really like the lighting in this one. It is so rhythmical and warm. I think this is why I like it. It makes me feel warm and safe like in a mothers arms being rocked to sleep....ok....on a the daytime...with flamingos...ok, so... nevermind. :-)
I really like this. You do nice work.
Nice illustrations. Very well balanced. - woody
Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the book. :)

Great illustration! I like your take on this topic!

Gnome G
really like the idea of a balancing flamingo !
I just love it! :)
Waw! Real nice! Love the colour!
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